Richard Conway

Windows Azure MVP and Insider, co-founder of UKWAUG

Richard Conway has been programming since his ZX81. For the last four years he's been smitten by the cloud and ... See full bio

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Richard Conway recently attended

  1. Future Decoded 2015

    England England, London

    10th11th November 2015

    Richard Conway spoke

  2. Span

    England England, London

    28th October 2014

    Richard Conway spoke

  3. AzureConf 2014

    United States United States, Redmond

    21st22nd October 2014

    Richard Conway spoke

  4. dot net notts

    England England, Nottingham

    28th April 2014

    Richard Conway spoke

  5. Over the Air 2013

    England England, Bletchley

    27th28th September 2013

    Richard Conway spoke

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