Berislav Lopac

A skilled muganga is always aware of the effects of a bad dawa.

Zagreb in Croatia

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mike bayer

sqlalchemy and mako template's grumpy old author. bio from Twitter

Kenneth Reitz

Wandering street photographer, idealist, and moral fallibilist.


Hi. I'm glyph, a guy who sometimes writes programs. bio from Twitter

Crunch Accounting

Online accounting for freelancers, contractors and small businesses. Humans available 9am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday. bio from Twitter

Thomas Fuchs

Currently hacking on charmhq.com & letsfreckle.com and open source projects zeptojs.com & microjs.com. All-around JavaScript Guru. bio from Twitter


A complete toolset for web development. Enabling you to edit, collaborate and run your projects from any device. Check out our Developer Conference @shiftsplit bio from Twitter

Steve Buckley

Director of Talent Acquisition at Lyst

Mahdi Yusuf

Curator at @pycoders, screencaster at @neckbeardrepub, and python web developer. systems engineer. bio from Twitter

Ned Batchelder

Python, software, typography, juggling, Boston, sometimes autism. Laughing at the world doesn't mean I don't take it seriously. bio from Twitter

Merlin Mann

This was a valued rug. bio from Twitter

Hynek Schlawack

In ♥ with Python, Twisted, Pyramid, and FLOSS in general. Preacher of solid deployments practices.

Rob Conery

Cofounder of Tekpub, creator of This Developer's Life, creator of Massive, SubSonic, and a smattering of other OSS stuff. Ruby, .NET, JS, whatever bio from Twitter

Armin Ronacher

Games, Open Source, Web & Networking, Speaker. Raw, unfiltered — Keep in mind when quoting. Working for @fireteamltd. bio from Twitter

Uncle Bob Martin

Software Craftsman bio from Twitter

Transport for London

Welcome to our official feed for news and information about the Capital’s transport network. #TransportforLondon bio from Twitter

Meander Thall

redmonk co-founder, optimist, developer advocate, progressive, occasionally rebellious. bio from Twitter

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Astrophysicist, American Museum of Natural History. Author: The Pluto Files, Death By Black Hole. Host: StarTalk Radio http://StarTalkRadio.net bio from Twitter

Hipster Hacker

I write world-changing applications in languages you have probably not yet heard of. My code is poetry, meanwhile yours is oh-noetry. bio from Twitter

Liza Avramenko

biz builder. sci fan. tech nut. coding student bio from Twitter

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