Stefano Guglielmi

frontend developer: html5 css3 js php ux rwd, apple and basket fan

Rome in Italy

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Ben Frain

Technology writer, freelance web designer and author of 'Responsive web design with HTML5 & CSS3' bio from Twitter

Matteo Collina

Code Pirate and Ph.D. Software Engineer @nearForm, IoT Consultant, Teacher, and Conference Speaker.

Marco Solazzi

Front-end web developer bio from Twitter

Zach Leatherman

One of @filamentgroup. Herding @nebraskajs.

Jake Archibald

Googler. I want the web to do what native does best, and fast. No thoughts go unpublished. 'IMO' implicit. bio from Twitter

Luigi De Rosa

Front-end developer at @epicwebagency bio from Twitter

Stefano Dominici

experience designer and user research specialist | usertest/lab | uxuniversity.it bio from Twitter

Augusto Coppola

Twitter: mostly in English and about entrepreneurship Facebook: mostly in Italian and about everything LinkedIn: you can learn more about me bio from Twitter

Stefano Verna

Obsessed Ruby/JS/TDD/Agile hacker and CTO at @teamcantiere bio from Twitter

Emanuele DelBono

.NET Ruby and Javascript developer.

Claudia Busetto

I tweet about events, words, tricks, css, fonts, design, ux, information architecture, ideas, funny and weird stuff I find around. geek attitude, act naturally bio from Twitter

Hoang C. Huynh

Freelance UX Strategist


Our goal is to help you develop useful, efficient, quality software that makes the difference. Coaching, Training & Consulting. @ziobrando #EventStorming bio from Twitter

Raffaele Boiano

Experience designer, storyteller, photoethnographer. A mix of media fruition, freedom culture and social hyperinteraction. Please feed my creativity!

Claudio Perrone

I help companies move fast, learn faster and thrive. https://popcornflow.com

Luciano Mammino

Web developer, entrepreneur, fighter, butterfly maker! #php #symfony #nodejs #javascript bio from Twitter

Lara Hogan

Engineering Director @ Etsy

Alberto Brandolini

I like to solve problems, or to write software that does.

Matteo Guidotto

Project Manager presso Trueblue bio from LinkedIn

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