Dave Balmer

Mobile HTML5 developer / advocate, JavaScript guru, speaker.

Phoenix in United States

Spoken at 10 events in 2 countries

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Rahul Vohra

CEO of Rapportive. Computer Scientist, Gamer, Entrepreneur. bio from Twitter

Lisa Ballard

Web dev, hacker, space geek, hiker, health nut, yogini, progressive, servant to cats. NASASocial Alum. Learning to scuba dive.

Project Eve

Project Eve encourages female entrepreneurs to communicate, collaborate and share actionable solutions minus the sharp elbows. bio from Twitter

Silvia K. Spiva

#DevNetCreate Community Manager @DevNetCreate! Here I tweet about education, innovation, and sustainability. #Developers #Apps #APIs #Programmability #Design bio from Twitter

racHELL white

Cat Wrangler. Software Engineer. Professional Napper. // http://c4tp4rty.com http://rachelisaweso.me http://0netrueg0d.com// JavaScript team @behance bio from Twitter

jessie frazelle

blah blah blah tupperware... linux bio from Twitter

Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich invented JavaScript, co-founded mozilla.org, and serves as CTO, Mozilla. bio from Twitter

Jonathan Blow

Game designer, previously of Braid, now of The Witness. Partner in IndieFund. bio from Twitter

Cassidy Williams

Software Engineer & Developer Advocate at Clarifai. I like Taco Bell and karaoke.

Karolina Szczur

Designer, developer, speaker and writer.

Julius Flywheel

Puns by appointment to Royal Houses of Freedonia & Lothlorien. Torn by his inner Gomez & Groucho. Codes for Coffee,Crypto,Ogles@Brains bio from Twitter

Alex Russell

Bringing the web platform into the late-90's, one spec at a time.


Discover and diagnose errors in your applications with Raygun. We tweet about Raygun (obviously), web and mobile development. bio from Twitter

Greg Rice

I make video games @doublefine. I used to wear a suit every day. bio from Twitter

A Googler

News and updates from Google bio from Twitter

Tesla Motors

The official twitter account of Tesla Motors, maker of the Model S sedan and Tesla Roadster. Accelerating the world’s transition to electric mobility. bio from Twitter


News from NASA. | We typically post in Eastern Time (ET). To convert to UT/GMT, add 5 hours (4 hours during Daylight Saving Time). bio from Twitter

Jen Myers

Web designer/developer, speaker, teacher.

Ruth John

UX, design, code... Writing, talking, mentoring... Unicorn Trainer | Fox Herder | TheLab Worker | Crocheter [my tweets are my own]

Patrick Kettner

PM for Edge at Microsoft, formerly walmartlabs mobile, core dev of modernizr, generally neat. all companies form their opinions solely from what I tweet bio from Twitter