Barrie Byron

Information developer with a passion for creating technically accurate information

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I'm a silver-lining specialist with more than 20 years of experience in planning, designing, developing, delivering, and maintaining information products for a variety of audiences and purposes. My specialty is presenting complex ideas in ways that are clear and concise.

A remote worker since 2008, I work in home offices in two states (NJ and FL). I am a staunch advocate of lifelong learning. I have a keen interest in learning new technologies, processes, and tools.

I am a frequent speaker at universities, schools, and technical communication industry meetings and conferences. In 2013, I earned Toastmasters International's highest distinction in recognition of communication and leadership: Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). An internationally published author and avid reader, I serve on the Society for Technical Communication (STC) Intercom Editorial Advisory Panel for 2012-2014.

My career spans many technology and tools advances and includes work as a newspaper production staff member, traveling newspaper software trainer, documentation manager at a small voice technology software company, technical writer in employee and contractor roles, and staff information developer at several large global software corporations.

I have an active interest in volunteerism for professional growth and joyous giving. I use social media to support the technical communications industry, Toastmasters International, and the Society for Technical Communication (STC). Read my blog at barriebyron.wordpress.com and follow me on twitter @barriebyron.


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