Ben Nuttall

Education, development & outreach at the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Ben Nuttall is a web and software developer based in Cambridge, UK. He does education and outreach at the Raspberry ... See full bio

Cambridge in England

Spoken at 8 events in 3 countries

Ben Nuttall recently attended

  1. EuroPython 2016

    Spain Spain, Bilbao

    17th24th July 2016

    Ben Nuttall spoke

  2. NorDevCon 2015

    England England, Norwich City

    27th February 2015

    Ben Nuttall spoke

  3. BarCampManchester5

    England England, Manchester City

    18th19th October 2014

    Ben Nuttall attended

  4. Python Northwest - Oct 2014

    England England, Manchester

    16th October 2014

    Ben Nuttall attended

  5. PyCon Ireland 2014

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    11th14th October 2014

    Ben Nuttall spoke

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