Ben Schwarz

Product developer. Founder of @Calibreapp, @CSSConfAU. Team @JSConfAU. I bless the rains down in Africa.

Melbourne in Australia

Spoken at 13 events in 5 countries

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A conference for those who love creating. HybridConf 4 will be coming August 2016. Curated by @zachinglis & @teawithlemon bio from Twitter

Rick Baker

Co-Founder of Blackbird Ventures bio from Twitter

Tommy Williams

Web and mobile software engineer. Cordova committer and unpaid evangelist. Currently at SpiderOak -

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Glenn Gillen

Husband, father, casual runner. Heroku Add-ons alumni.

Andy Davies

Web Performance advocate at @NCCGroupWebPerf, Arduino dabbler, vegetable grower. Husband to @nickidavies, Dad to @ninjanails and Jon (too young to tweet). bio from Twitter

⚡️Dave Bolton⚡️

Head of Engineering @ William Hill Australia - code :: leadership & management :: books & learning :: ecommerce bio from Twitter


i do not shut up about my shiba inu bio from Twitter

Niki Scevak

Founder of Homethinking. Administrator of Startmate. Lover of numbers bio from Twitter

Lara Hogan

Engineering Director @ Etsy

Jake McGraw

Director of Operations at @refinery29 bio from Twitter

Roan Lavery

21st century man, riding on the wheels of tomorrow. Co-founder @freeagent. bio from Twitter

Alicia Sedlock

User experience and front-end developer. Making the world a little more awesome.

John Sherwood

Developer. Entrepreneur. Gamer. Father of two. bio from Twitter

jQuery UK 2014

The UK’s biggest front-end developer conference takes place on 16 May 2014. Tickets on sale soon! bio from Twitter

Netflix US

Indoorsy type. Customer service: @Netflixhelps bio from Twitter

DIBI Conference

DIBI : Design It; Build It. International digital conferences for designers & developers. Next up Newcastle upon Tyne, November 2017. bio from Twitter

Majd Jack Taby

Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it. bio from Twitter

Bryson Gilbert

Front-end Developer at @T4G UX in Toronto. bio from Twitter