Bermon Painter

UX Director, design/developer hybrid that loves Ruby & pre-processors. Hubby, father, wireframe hater, cupcake eater, root beer drinker, spanish speaker.

Bermon Painter is a designer/developer hybrid who dislikes wireframes but loves collaboration, rapid prototyping, cupcakes, and root beer. He's also ... See full bio

Charlotte in United States

Spoken at 63 events in 6 countries

3 upcoming events

  1. Fusion Day 2016

    United States United States, Charlotte

    9th December 2016

    Bermon Painter involved Organizer is speaking

  2. UXDev Summit 2017

    United States United States, Fort Lauderdale

    1st3rd February 2017

    Bermon Painter is speaking

  3. ConFoo Montreal 2017

    Canada Canada, Montreal

    8th10th March 2017

    Bermon Painter is speaking

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