Bermon Painter

UX Director, design/developer hybrid that loves Ruby & pre-processors. Hubby, father, wireframe hater, cupcake eater, root beer drinker, spanish speaker.

Bermon Painter is a designer/developer hybrid who dislikes wireframes but loves collaboration, rapid prototyping, cupcakes, and root beer. He's also ... See full bio

Charlotte in United States

Spoken at 71 events in 6 countries

4 upcoming events

  1. Web Unleashed 2017

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    24th26th September 2017

    Bermon Painter is speaking

  2. Web Unleashed 17

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    25th26th September 2017

    Bermon Painter is speaking

  3. Breaking Development

    United States United States, Nashville

    25th27th October 2017

    Bermon Painter is speaking

  4. Revolve Conference 2018

    United States United States, Charleston

    25th26th October 2018

    Bermon Painter is speaking

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