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My name is Adegoke Ademola, a purpose driven messenger of the most-high God with latent and capacities. I have written ... See full bio

Lagos in Nigeria

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  1. Malaysia Open Source Conference 2017 (MOSCMY 2017)

    Malaysia Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

    17th19th May 2017

    ADEGOKE attended

  2. PROGNETS 2017

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    19th20th January 2017

    ADEGOKE attended

  3. CSSConf.Asia 2016

    Singapore Singapore

    24th November 2016

    ADEGOKE attended

    To create a ground-breaking.

  4. About Apps 2016: Develop your mobile strategy for the future - Make an App

    England England, London

    25th June 2016

    ADEGOKE attended

  5. Open Source Bridge 2016

    United States United States, Portland

    21st24th June 2016

    ADEGOKE attended

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