Boyan Mihaylov

Experienced Software Engineer

I am a software architect and developer, thinking both business and tech. Originally from Bulgaria, I work at a pension ... See full bio

Copenhagen in Denmark

Spoken at 11 events in 9 countries

Boyan Mihaylov recently attended

  1. NDC Oslo 2017

    Norway Norway, Oslo

    12th16th June 2017

    Boyan Mihaylov spoke

  2. Build Stuff Ukraine 2016

    Ukraine Ukraine, Kiev

    21st22nd November 2016

    Boyan Mihaylov spoke

  3. Build Stuff 2016

    Lithuania Lithuania, Vilnius

    16th20th November 2016

    Boyan Mihaylov spoke

  4. Voxxed Days Thessaloniki

    Greece Greece, Thessaloniki

    20th21st October 2016

    Boyan Mihaylov spoke

  5. Agile Tour London 2015

    England England, London

    23rd October 2015

    Boyan Mihaylov spoke

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