Stephan Bönnemann

« but sometimes what we really want is a poem »

Berlin in Germany

Spoken at 21 events in 9 countries

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Volker Dusch

I'm a magic __method(); Well, a Software Engineer @ResearchGate interested in tdd, ops, CI, (no)sql and so on. When not coding I'm an enthusiastic gamer bio from Twitter

Mike Sherov

Sr. Engineer, CSSWG, jQuery Board of Directors, Open Web Advocate, FOSS Contributor, Pragmatist bio from Twitter


queer. she/her. unicorn-coloured hair. bio from Twitter


History student at University of Zurich / Game Developer @Innogames in Hamburg bio from Twitter

Frederic Marx

I plan, design, and build useful, focused, and fast responsive apps and websites.

Anouk Ruhaak

code for web + iOS - organise tech education: http://hackership.org - love to rant about economics - lifelong learner. bio from Twitter


The not-for-profit web development conference in Austria. March 3rd, 2018. bio from Twitter

Elena Torró 😁

Software Developer 💻 #Education #OpenSource Co-organizer at @BetaBeersMUR bio from Twitter

Simone Haas

Organizer of things, learner of code, lover of dogs, living in Berlin and loving it. Also: project management / content strategy. bio from Twitter

Andrey Okonetchnikov

I help companies build beautiful products using web-technologies. Co-creator of @colorsnapper, co-organizer of @reactvienna, co-owner of @kaffemik ☕️. 👪 🚵 🏂 bio from Twitter

Max Stoiber

I travel around the world, brew coffee, ski mountains and make stuff on the web. Open source developer advocate (@KeystoneJS @ElementalUI), part of @reactvienna

Jessica Jordan

Front-End Developer coming from Systems Biology. Loving comics, CSS and Ember.js. bio from Twitter

Michael Matuzak

Node.js + Front ender at Y!. http://js.la bio from Twitter


Head of Development #NodeJS #IoT. Organizer and Producer @nodeconfar,, SwordMaster. I STILL want to Believe. #Current bio from Twitter

Nicolás Bevacqua

JavaScript Consultant. Author @buildfirst. Blogger @ponyfoo. Organizer @latamjs @nodeschoolba @beerjsba. Conference Speaker. Open-Source Evangelist.

Tracy Osborn

Designer, developer, speaker, and entreprenerd. Author of Hello Web App and creator of WeddingLovely.