Stephan Bönnemann

«Must slowly unfuck software and its “culture”»

Berlin in Germany

Spoken at 21 events in 9 countries

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Andrey Okonetchnikov

I help companies build beautiful products using web-technologies. Co-creator of @colorsnapper, co-organizer of @reactvienna, co-owner of @kaffemik ☕️. 👪 🚵 🏂 bio from Twitter

Max Stoiber

I travel around the world, brew coffee, ski mountains and make stuff on the web. Open source developer advocate (@KeystoneJS @ElementalUI), part of @reactvienna

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Jessica Jordan

Front-End Developer coming from Systems Biology. Loving comics, CSS and Ember.js. bio from Twitter

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jsDay 2017

Italy Italy, Verona

10th11th May 2017

Michael Matuzak

Node.js + Front ender at Y!. bio from Twitter


Head of Development #NodeJS #IoT. Organizer and Producer @nodeconfar,, SwordMaster. I STILL want to Believe. #Current bio from Twitter

Nicolás Bevacqua

JavaScript Consultant. Author @buildfirst. Blogger @ponyfoo. Organizer @latamjs @nodeschoolba @beerjsba. Conference Speaker. Open-Source Evangelist.

Tracy Osborn

Designer, developer, speaker, and entreprenerd. Author of Hello Web App and creator of WeddingLovely.

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Lars Jacob

Physicist, OpenSource Geek bio from Twitter

Alejandro Oviedo

Developer, Information Security enthusiast, mentor @nodeschool, @thinkful and @coderhouse. Open Source evangelist and vegetarian.

Anton McConville

Digital designer and developer with IBM, iOS and web, cloud native, data inspired, runner, musician, speaker, earthling! bio from Twitter

Felix Rieseberg

Developer Evangelist @ Microsoft Germany bio from Twitter


unix bio from Twitter

Florian Gilcher

Music Addict, Rubyist, Rustcean, Backend Programmer and CEO at @asquera. Community work for #rustlang and #rubylang. @eurucamp organiser alumni. @rustfest bio from Twitter

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Ukraine Ukraine, Kiev

3rd4th June 2017


Official Twitter account of Sonos, Inc. Fiede S, Jasmine F and Clay L. are here to provide tips, tricks and a variety of music-related happiness. bio from Twitter


Rails and JS developer. It's pretty much all code, cats, and feminism. I like oxford commas and compound adjectives. @NewZealandRuby Committee member. bio from Twitter

Luis Montes

Purveyor of fine JavaScript and HTML5. Co-founder of @iceddev Co-organizer of the Phoenix Google Developers Group. bio from Twitter

Safia Abdalla

Woman Who Makes Things

Katie K.

Web dev. Cascadia Fest curator. Glass artist. Nodebot 3er. Sasstronaut. Baker. Video gamer. Food truck hunter. Kitten ogler. bio from Twitter