Brendan Dawes

Designer, filler of rectangles. Arrived at the intersection of design and technology. Couldn't find a parking space. Went home.

Spoken at 71 events in 14 countries

Spoke at 5 past events in Germany

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  1. beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2015

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    2nd4th November 2015

    Brendan Dawes spoke

  2. TOCA ME design conference 2014

    Germany Germany, Munich

    22nd February 2014

    Brendan Dawes spoke

  3. beyond tellerrand // web

    Germany Germany, Dusseldorf

    19th21st November 2012

    Brendan Dawes spoke

  4. See Conference

    Germany Germany, Wiesbaden

    9th April 2011

    Brendan Dawes spoke

  5. FFK11

    Germany Germany, Cologne

    5th8th April 2011

    Brendan Dawes spoke

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