Brian Lagunas

XAML Product Manager for Infragistics | Microsoft MVP | Microsoft P&P Champ | Pluralsight Author

Brian Lagunas is a Microsoft MVP, a Microsoft Patterns & Practices Champion, an INETA Community Speaker, co-leader of the Boise ... See full bio

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  1. NDC Sydney 2016

    Australia Australia, Sydney

    1st5th August 2016

    Brian Lagunas spoke

  2. NDC Oslo 2016

    Norway Norway, Oslo

    6th10th June 2016

    Brian Lagunas spoke

  3. .NET Fringe Conference

    United States United States, Portland

    12th14th April 2015

    Brian Lagunas spoke

  4. Boise Code Camp 2015

    United States United States, Boise

    21st March 2015

    Brian Lagunas spoke

  5. Visual Studio Live! DC

    United States United States, Washington

    6th9th October 2014

    Brian Lagunas spoke

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