Caio Sacramento

Computer scientist, software engineer, free software passionate

Caio holds bachelor and master degrees on computer science from Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. He is software developer since ... See full bio

Salvador in Brazil

Spoken at 6 events in 2 countries

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Aaron Patterson

ひげの山男。 When I'm not trimming my beard, I'm hanging out with my lady, @ebiltwin. bio from Twitter

RubyConf Portugal

RubyConf Portugal is a two day conference, Oct 27 & 28, 2016 in sunny Braga, Portugal. bio from Twitter

Chris Blow

Perpetual newbie. Learning to read and write and draw and see. Designing tools for media criticism and translation at @meedan. bio from Twitter


Creator of Ruby on Rails, Partner at 37signals, Co-author of NYT Best-Seller Rework, and racing driver in ALMS. bio from Twitter


Middle East collaborative #FactCheck & #Verification bio from Twitter

Rafael França

Rails Core Team Member, Simple Form maintainer

Paul M. Watson

South African father of @leahewatson and @ericdougwatson, fiance to @fionahaughney, living in @Ireland. Tweets are my own. bio from Twitter

Nando Vieira

I don't always build products but when I do, I do it end-to-end. I also run Hellobits. bio from Twitter

Michael Klishin

Multilingual. Curious about how things work. @ClojureWerkz mastermind, @travisci core team, serial OSS contributor; FP, trance music. I know what a databas is. bio from Twitter

David McCandless

London-based writer, designer, author and journalist. Follow @infobeautiful for my infographic / data visualisation work bio from Twitter

Fabio Akita

Brazilian, New Tech Activist. @RubyconfBR organizer. @Codeminer42 offshore software boutique co-founder. bio from Twitter

Hacker Urbano(Gomex)

Sysadmin em processo de migração para DevOps. Bicicleteiro e amante da cidade. bio from Twitter

an xiao 4.8

maker of things and teller of stories. i look at how we use technology to build communities and empower individuals. bio from Twitter

Gary Bernhardt

hey just wondering if there's some programming language that has lazy lists and lots of monads? haven't heard of one yet (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ bio from Twitter

Leo Balter

JS dev ~ guitar player ~ carioca bio from Twitter

Kent Beck

Programmer, author, father, husband, goat farmer bio from Twitter

Wes Grubbs

Founder of data vizualization studio Pitch Interactive, co-organizer of @eyeofestival, data artist, traveler, marveler, provocateur. bio from Twitter

Lydia Laurenson

Writer - Media strategist - User researcher - Ex-Peace Corps. I often think about cross-cultural communication, game design, and the future of Internet media. bio from Twitter

Karim Ratib

open source craftsman, full-stack meedani, music geek, closet theohumanist, happy father, DJ مياتم bio from Twitter

W3C Brasil

Web para todos, em qualquer dispositivo, em qualquer lugar, segura e confiável!

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