Neil Campbell

Consultant Software Developer working in Melbourne

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Code is my Canvas bio from Twitter

Colin Scott

That's enough socialising, now back to screaming into the void. bio from Twitter

Rhys Campbell

Business solutions & beautiful software bio from Twitter

Doug Paice

Obsessively connected with a short attention span. Married to @Allocasuarina Nerd/geek of: gadgets, code, cooking, photography & being a dad. Also other things bio from Twitter

Alex Sexton

Front-end Infrastructure at @stripe — onions are my own — gpg fingerprint 9D44 FE16 DDD6 80BC 06AD E471 13CE 42FD 3C33 F935 bio from Twitter

Alex Russell

Bringing the web platform into the late-90's, one spec at a time.

Abhaya Chauhan

Senior Technical Advisor at PageUp People. Father, Husband, Liverpool fan, and love animals. bio from Twitter

Paul Irish

I want the web to win • Chrome dev relations • currently fascinated with front-end tooling and browser devtools • big fan of sorbet, research and whimsy

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Himanshu desai

Principal Consultant @Readify and very passionate software engineer. bio from Twitter

Addy Osmani

Engineering manager working on Chrome and Web at Google. Creator of Yeoman, TodoMVC and Material Design Lite. Passionate about web tooling.

Boris Lipschitz

.NET, C#, Windows Azure, Cloud, Agile, TDD bio from Twitter

Ismail Mayat

The more i see the less i know! bio from Twitter

Paul Glavich

.Net Solution architect, web dude, bald dude, martial arts dude bio from Twitter

Vaughn Vernon

Husband and father. Software craftsman, author, domain-driven design, architecture. bio from Twitter

Benjamin Lupton

My calling is to empower us all to do what we love, share it with the entire world, and live well!

Andy Gelme

Hacker At Large ! Designing distributed systems for connected people and connected devices ... http://geekscape.org and http://tinyurl.com/geekscape-plus bio from Twitter

Mitch Denny

My name is Mitch Denny. I am a father, husband, a Visual Studio ALM MVP, ASP Insider and work at Readify as well as on some of my own projects. bio from Twitter

Simone Chiaretta

.NET web and #Umbraco developer with a passion for outdoors, triathlons, mountains, mobile apps, opensource, cooking, arduino and social media. Views mine only. bio from Twitter

Jesper Ordrup

44, nice guy, 3 kids, creative & technical mind, singer. Umbraco, CMS, Custom development projects, integration, webshop. Open for Business deals bio from Twitter

Sam Saffron

Cofounder http://www.discourse.org , hacker, rubiest, SQL fan, open source aficionado www.samsaffron.com