Carter Rabasa

Husband and father. Founder of @CascadiaJS. Former @Twilio Evangelist and PM.

Spoken at 5 events in 3 countries

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Ryan Singer

UI design, code, and product management at 37signals. bio from Twitter

Cyan Banister

CEO - Zivity.com, libertarian, defender of our freedom, angel investor, friend, silly person bio from Twitter

Courtland Allen

Creator of @SiastoApp. MIT grad. YC alum. Web developer. Blogger. bio from Twitter

Craig Dalton

CoFounder DODOcase. Mobile and Social Media business development executive. Cyclist, Trail Runner and adventurer. bio from Twitter

tim shey

director @youtube next lab, @nextnew co-founder, designer, producer. latest version includes basic dad functionality. bio from Twitter

Deepa Subramaniam

Group Product Manager, Web Platform @ Adobe. Former Flex SDK & Monocle Product Manager. Career giggler. Loving human. bio from Twitter

Lara Hogan

Engineering Director @ Etsy

Yancey Strickler

Cofounder of Kickstarter bio from Twitter

Mike Brevoort

DOer, maker of things, mostly software, interested in the evented realtime web, Javascript, Node, education, etc. Works for Pearson. bio from Twitter

Kim Martin Bannerman

Connector of People | Director, Technical Advocacy Office of the CTO - @IBM @Bluebox

Keith Horwood

Always building. Always learning. Engineer @ @Synthego. bio from Twitter

Matias Woloski

identity, cloud & problem solver. Currently democratizing federated identity with @authzero bio from Twitter

Michelle Noorali

Developer @opendeis on @HelmPack \\ Kubernetes SIG-Apps co-lead \\ Likes to wander bio from Twitter

Trak Lord

Metaio Communications (@metaioUS / @junaio). I tweet about Augmented Reality, but I know things about things. Words are my own. bio from Twitter

Adam Varga

I'm into music, tech, hiking, and spicy food. bio from Twitter

Matt Hulett

Experienced Entrepreneur and Executive. Currently runs the casual games company, GameHouse. www.startupwhisperer.com. bio from Twitter

Susan J. Fowler

Editor in Chief of @IncrementMag. Wife of @rigetti. Founder of @susansbookclub. I love all things computer science, math, physics, and philosophy. bio from Twitter

Jenna Zeigen

Lead JavaScript princess at @digitalocean. @recursecenter Fall 2012. Loves playing with language— human and programming. My spirit fruit is the blueberry.

Daniel Cousineau

PHP, JavaScript, etc developer. Lone Star PHP co-organizer, community supporter, and cat lover. Not Canadian. bio from Twitter

Matt Sears

Owner of @littlelines, wearer of @rubyrags shirts. bio from Twitter