Claudio Cherubino

Engineering Manager, Developer Relations @ Google

Spoken at 10 events in 7 countries

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Elena Osti

Computer & Network Security Professional bio from LinkedIn

Emiliano Gabrielli

CTO at 1.618 s.r.l.

Kim Schmidt

Passionate about AWS, Technical Writer, Program Manager, Dev

Evans Data

Evans Data provides syndicated and custom research focusing on developers in the software market. #cloud #bigdata #mobile #IoT #industrialinternet #development

Carlo Rivis

Project Manager, Direct Manager, Event Manager, Sound Engineering, Video/Light technician, Trainer, Analyst, Developer bio from LinkedIn

Amy Unruh

Developer Relations at Google bio from LinkedIn

Brad Abrams

Champion of the Obvious bio from Twitter


Esploriamo i misteri per raccontare la scienza. bio from Twitter

Jason Titus

CTO at Shazam Entertainment in London. Interested in tech, alternative energy, fine food, and cycling bio from Twitter


I write, speak, and teach...mostly about Android+Embedded. Google Developer Expert for Android+IoT. Recovering spark-chaser. bio from Twitter

Ryan Seys

Developers, JavaScript, and web apps oh my! Node junkie @Google & previously @Mozilla. bio from Twitter

Ron Peled

CTO @ Educents / Magento Lead @ Activo bio from LinkedIn

Azat Mardan

Software/ JavaScript / @nodejs Expert, Author, Speaker, Educator and Blogger. Technology Fellow at @capitalone

Mario Viviani

Technology Evangelist, Amazon bio from LinkedIn

Sumeet Malhotra

Engagement Partner at Tata Consultancy Services bio from LinkedIn


personal computing,chrome, chrome os, google, family, friends, life bio from Twitter

Kunal Nayyar

I play Raj on the Big Bang Theory. I love playing Ping Pong, and long walks on the beach. Thats about all I like doing, especially on the sand. bio from Twitter

Jules Kremer

Googler, Ashtangi, Beer Lover and Angular. bio from Twitter


Googler, dev, dabbler in music production, gamer, hacker, climber, triathlete, geek, nerd. bio from Twitter