Chiara Aliotta

Founder and Art Director of Until Sunday. Co-founder and Art Director of The Pattern Tales.

Chiara Aliotta has many years of experience in art direction, brand development and illustration. She blogs about the beauty of ... See full bio


Spoken at 8 events in 5 countries

Chiara Aliotta recently attended

  1. Topconf Tallinn 2016

    Estonia Estonia, Tallinn

    15th18th November 2016

    Chiara Aliotta spoke

  2. Digitized 2016

    Greece Greece, Athens

    23rd24th September 2016

    Chiara Aliotta attended

  3. J and Beyond 2016

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    20th22nd May 2016

    Chiara Aliotta spoke

  4. Awwwards Conference - Amsterdam 2016

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    27th29th January 2016

    Chiara Aliotta spoke

  5. Future of Web Design London 2015

    England England, London

    27th29th April 2015

    Chiara Aliotta spoke

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