Christoph Sawade

Machine Learning Engineer at SoundCloud

NIPS-2012: Active Comparison of Prediction Models (with appendix). ECML-2012: Active Evaluation of Ranking Functions based on Graded Relevance. See full bio

Berlin in Germany

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  1. International conference on machine learning

    France France

    6th11th July 2015

    Christoph Sawade attended

  2. International Conference on Machine Learning

    China China, Beijing

    21st26th June 2014

    Christoph Sawade attended

  3. Neural Information Processing Systems 2012

    United States United States, South Lake Tahoe

    3rd8th December 2012

    Christoph Sawade attended

  4. ECML PKDD 2012

    England England, Bristol

    24th28th September 2012

    Christoph Sawade attended

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