Chris Vardy

IBM Solutions Architect working for clients all over the UK. All opinions on IT, running, ultr-running, mountain marathons or whatever are mine not IBM's

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Simon Marshall

Still trying to bake the perfect loaf... bio from Twitter

Alan Wilder

Avant Garde, Filmic bio from Twitter

Grady Booch

geek, philosopher, storyteller bio from Twitter

William Hague

Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs & Member of Parliament for Richmond (Yorks). Also on @Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/williamjhague bio from Twitter


IBM Master Inventor, Distinguished Engineer, CTO of Smarter Energy and Smart Grid technologies, MQTT, IoT, M2M, innovation and invention. My views are my own. bio from Twitter

Kerrie Holley

Technologist, Software Architect, Public Speaker, Inventor, Mentor and Author. Currently an IBM Fellow. My Tweets are my own. bio from Twitter


heaven 17, human league, illustrious company, sonic ID, future of sound, musician, producer, animateur,professor, collaborator, 3D soundscape artist,composer bio from Twitter

Bjarne Stroustrup

The creator of C++ bio from Twitter

Kent Beck

Programmer, author, father, husband, goat farmer bio from Twitter

Giles Dring

Father, husband, amateur guitar torturer, corporate geek *and* hat-wearer extraordinaire bio from Twitter

James Panton

Drupal stuff. Occasionally. bio from Twitter

Fiona Graham

Head of Content WorldRemit. Ex-BBC journalist. Ex-tech of business reporter. Loves robots yet fears inevitable AI takeover. Likes plants. http://about.me/fionagraham bio from Twitter


Official IBM Twitter account. Managed by George Faulkner and Kevin Winterfield. Follows the IBM Social Computing Guidelines. bio from Twitter

Joel Spolsky

Co-founder of Fog Creek Software and Stack Overflow bio from Twitter

IBM Watson

The official twitter feed of IBM Watson. bio from Twitter


We make records. bio from Twitter

David Allen

Originator of GTD, founder of David Allen Co. bio from Twitter

Ed Richardson

Tea drinking, butty making, fell running, electro/folk listening northern digital monkey. Digital AD @2020agency, thinking & delivering creative digital bio from Twitter

Thomas Dolby

Blinded by science. Synth enthusiast. TED Music Director 2001-2012. Floating City habitué. Bringing the Time Capsule Tour to the US this spring. bio from Twitter

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