Prashant Sridharan

Where are the cupcakes?

Prashant Twitter Global Director of Developer & Platform Relations. Prior to Twitter, Prashant was a Developer Advocate at Facebook, the ... See full bio

San Francisco in United States

Spoken at 7 events in 3 countries

Prashant Sridharan recently attended

  1. #HelloWorld New York City

    United States United States, New York

    1st March 2016

    Prashant Sridharan spoke

  2. #HelloWorld Los Angeles

    United States United States, Los Angeles

    2nd February 2016

    Prashant Sridharan spoke

  3. #TwitterFlock Berlin 2015

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    26th February 2015

    Prashant Sridharan spoke

  4. Parse Developer Day

    United States United States, San Francisco

    5th September 2013

    Prashant Sridharan spoke

  5. Mobile+Web DevCon

    United States United States, Boston

    16th18th July 2013

    Prashant Sridharan spoke

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