Craig Kerstiens

I'm a product guy at Heroku. I develop in Python. I work with startups. I write about Tech/Business/Productivity at http://www.craigkerstiens.com/

Spoken at 31 events in 11 countries

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Joshua Bradley

person, designer, co-founder @shoreditchworks, partner at J&J online product design practice. bio from Twitter

Jonathan Lister

CTO @ PensionBee bio from Twitter

Travis CI

Hi I'm Travis. I'm a hosted continuous integration and deployment service for open source and your private projects Follow @traviscistatus for status updates. bio from Twitter


Open Source Developer at Microsoft bio from Twitter

John Wards

Husband/Father. Technical Director for @WhiteOctober. Conference Organiser @jquk @aybconf. PHP Symfony Developer. Linux/Mac user.

Juan Catalano

I write code that erases the code that is written by the code @thepose writes bio from Twitter

Lean (inkel)

Programador, lector, geek. bio from Twitter

Francis DB

Electronic, baby! - Software developer | Tech enthusiast | Beer lover bio from Twitter

Ben Kepes

Tech analyst, commentator and evangelist. Entrepreneur. Biz dev guy. Loves the outdoors. Kiwi dad... bio from Twitter

John Stevenson

Speaker, author, conference organiser & community obsessed developer - loves Clojure, Emacs, Cats, Cycling & Agile development. @Heroku @SalesforceDevs

Peter Cooper

Friendly content strategist @CooperPress, noisy introvert, loves programming, jokes, indie gamedev, hip hop, and media experiments. O'Reilly @FluentConf chair. bio from Twitter

accelerated dumpster fire simulation

redmonk co-founder, optimist, developer advocate, progressive, occasionally rebellious. bio from Twitter

Brandon Keepers

Working on platform things at GitHub, like @ProbotTheRobot and http://slack.github.com bio from Twitter

Ask Solem

Developer working for VMware in London. Celery (celeryproject.org) lead dev, Python, AMQP bio from Twitter

Donnie Berkholz

IT industry analyst at @451Research || Open-source developer and leader at Gentoo Linux. PhD scientist. Lover of data and great beer.

Ben Scott

Web Monkey, Martial Artist, Procrastinator Extraordinaire. Working at BBC @programmes. bio from Twitter

Ines Sombra

Distributed Systems Engineer @ Fastly

Guillaume Lelarge

PostgreSQL major contributor, pgAdmin developer, CTO of Dalibo (http://www.dalibo.com) bio from Twitter

Brian Curtin

never touch the clowns, let the clowns touch you bio from Twitter