Craig Kerstiens

I'm a product guy at Heroku. I develop in Python. I work with startups. I write about Tech/Business/Productivity at http://www.craigkerstiens.com/

Spoken at 31 events in 11 countries

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Joshua Bradley

person, designer, co-founder @shoreditchworks, partner at J&J online product design practice. bio from Twitter

Jonathan Lister

CTO @ PensionBee bio from Twitter

Travis CI

Hi I'm Travis. I'm a hosted continuous integration and deployment service for open source and your private projects Follow @traviscistatus for status updates. bio from Twitter


Open Source Developer at Microsoft bio from Twitter

John Wards

Husband/Father. Technical Director for @WhiteOctober. Conference Organiser @jquk @aybconf. PHP Symfony Developer. Linux/Mac user.

Juan Catalano

I write code that erases the code that is written by the code @thepose writes bio from Twitter

Lean (inkel)

Programador, lector, geek. bio from Twitter

Francis DB

Electronic, baby! - Software developer | Tech enthusiast | Beer lover bio from Twitter

Ben Kepes

Tech analyst, commentator and evangelist. Entrepreneur. Biz dev guy. Loves the outdoors. Kiwi dad... bio from Twitter

John Stevenson

Speaker, author, conference organiser & community obsessed developer - loves Clojure, Emacs, Cats, Cycling & Agile development. @Heroku @SalesforceDevs

Peter Cooper

Friendly content strategist @CooperPress, noisy introvert, loves programming, jokes, indie gamedev, hip hop, and media experiments. O'Reilly @FluentConf chair. bio from Twitter

Riamond Bearsin

redmonk co-founder, optimist, developer advocate, progressive. "one of the least capable people on the planet of maintaining a PR facade" bio from Twitter

Brandon Keepers

Father of @ProbotTheRobot. Mother of http://slack.github.com. Working on platform things at GitHub. bio from Twitter

Ask Solem

Developer working for VMware in London. Celery (celeryproject.org) lead dev, Python, AMQP bio from Twitter

Donnie Berkholz

IT industry analyst at @451Research || Open-source developer and leader at Gentoo Linux. PhD scientist. Lover of data and great beer.

Ben Scott

Web Monkey, Martial Artist, Procrastinator Extraordinaire. Working at BBC @programmes. bio from Twitter

Ines Sombra

Distributed Systems Engineer @ Fastly

Guillaume Lelarge

PostgreSQL major contributor, pgAdmin developer, CTO of Dalibo (http://www.dalibo.com) bio from Twitter

Brian Curtin

never touch the clowns, let the clowns touch you bio from Twitter