Chris Richardson

Founder of Eventuate, Inc a microservices application platform, Founder of the original Cloud Foundry PaaS, Author of POJOs in Action.

Chris Richardson is a developer and architect. He is a Java Champion, a JavaOne rock star and the author of ... See full bio

Oakland in United States

Spoken at 58 events in 16 countries

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New Scientist

The best place to find out what’s new in science – and why it matters. http://www.facebook.com/newscientist bio from Twitter

Talip Ozturk

Hazelcast, Distributed Systems, In-Memory Data Grid, Cloud, and BigData.

Ariel Tseitlin

Entrepreneur and technology executive who can't get enough of startups. Building the Netflix Cloud. Product Development / Management. Wharton MBA. bio from Twitter

Sherry Turkle

Professor, MIT, and author of The Second Self, Life on the Screen, and Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other. bio from Twitter

Hans Dockter

Founder Gradle, CEO Gradleware

Silicon Valley Forum

Connecting entrepreneurs and business professionals in tech & innovation. Guiding startups to successful connections with investors. bio from Twitter

Dare Obasanjo

Don't ask why, ask why not. bio from Twitter

Jon Snow

Anchor,Channel4News: hungry for info. Interests:development/homelessness,/the abroad/people/politics/art./life! bio from Twitter

Sam Newman

Independent techie consultant focusing on Microservices, cloud and CD. Wrote Building Microservices. May contain cricket, NRL and board game references. bio from Twitter

Geoffrey Hendrey

Co-founder and CTO of Vertascale, big data enthusiast, skateboarder, dad

Erin Schnabel

Progressive. Pro-choice. Mom. IBM-er. Geek. etc. These tweets are (obviously!) my own and don't represent the positions, strategies or opinions of IBM.


Data-driven startup founder, 1st CS Ph.D. on social network capital, functional programmer, dad of four. Big Data Scala/Spark pilot, sfscala/scalabythebay.org bio from Twitter

Jamie Dobson

I am the CEO of Container Solutions, a consultancy and product development company specialising in programmable infrastructure. bio from Twitter

Kenny Bastani

Mad scientist, avid learner, avid teacher. #graphtheory #algorithms #machinelearning #bigdata #datascience #graphdatabase bio from Twitter

Kasia Mrowca

Product Specialist / Consultant / Digital / Big Data / CRM / Conference Speaker

Shinji Kim

Cofounder @concord (acq by @akamai). Taught @jackmccloy everything he knows. bio from Twitter

Julie Pitt

Co-founder at Order of Magnitude Labs, on a quest to build learning algorithms capable of intelligent behavior. Using Scala and node.js bio from Twitter

Fredrik Björk

Director of Engineering at @banjo bio from Twitter

Jon Moore

Software Craftsman / Code Artisan / Engineer Philosopher bio from Twitter