Crystal Huff

Crystal Huff is the Executive Director of Inclusion Through Innovation and a former Executive Director of The Ada Initiative. She ... See full bio

Boston in United States

Spoken at 16 events in 7 countries

Crystal Huff recently attended

  1. The Lead Developer UK 2017

    England England, London

    8th9th June 2017

    Crystal Huff spoke

  2. DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2016

    Israel Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo

    12th13th December 2016

    Crystal Huff spoke

  3. Eurocon Barcelona (Bcon)

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    4th6th November 2016

    Crystal Huff spoke

  4. Icecon

    Iceland Iceland, Reykjavik

    28th30th October 2016

    Crystal Huff spoke

  5. Xingyun Awards Ceremony

    China China, Beijing

    9th11th September 2016

    Crystal Huff spoke

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