Cyrille Martraire

Software development, Domain-Driven Design, patterns, BDD and agile principles enthusiast. Also founder of the Paris Software Craftsmanship Community.

Developer with passion for more than 12 years in startups, software vendors and banks, Cyrille is co-founder and technical director ... See full bio

Paris in France

Spoken at 23 events in 6 countries

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  1. Domain-Driven Design Europe

    Belgium Belgium, Brussels

    26th29th January 2016

    Cyrille Martraire spoke

  2. BDX.IO 2015

    France France, Bordeaux

    16th October 2015

    Cyrille Martraire spoke

  3. SoCraTes FR 2015

    France France, Rochegude

    24th26th September 2015

    Cyrille Martraire spoke

  4. SoCraTes 2015

    Germany Germany, Soltau

    27th30th August 2015

    Cyrille Martraire attended

  5. Agile France 2015

    France France, Paris

    18th19th June 2015

    Cyrille Martraire spoke

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