Daan van Berkel

Enthralled by Life, the Universe and Everything

Daan van Berkel is a enthusiastic software craftsman with a knack for presenting technical details in a clear and concise ... See full bio

Nymegen in Netherlands

Spoken at 9 events in 5 countries

Daan van Berkel recently attended

  1. PyCon 8

    Italy Italy, Florence

    6th9th April 2017

    Daan van Berkel spoke

  2. Joy of Coding 2016

    Netherlands Netherlands, Rotterdam

    17th June 2016

    Daan van Berkel spoke

  3. Dutch PHP Conference 2015

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    25th27th June 2015

    Daan van Berkel spoke

  4. Joy of Coding 2015

    Netherlands Netherlands, Rotterdam

    29th May 2015

    Daan van Berkel was involved

  5. SPA 2014

    England England, London

    29th June to 2nd July 2014

    Daan van Berkel spoke

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