Diana Cheng

Love Diving. Love Web and Mobile. Working for Vodafone Group but now in Products & Services development I live in Germany for now.

Spoken at 2 events in 2 countries

Diana Cheng recently attended

  1. Full Frontal 2013

    England England, Brighton

    8th November 2013

    Diana Cheng attended

  2. [Async]: 2013 International Show n' Tell

    England England, Brighton

    7th November 2013

    Diana Cheng attended

  3. Edge London 2013

    England England, London

    9th February 2013

    Diana Cheng spoke

  4. TakeOff 2013

    France France, Lille

    17th18th January 2013

    Diana Cheng spoke

  5. W3C TPAC 2012

    France France, Lyon

    29th October to 2nd November 2012

    Diana Cheng attended

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