Dale Harvey

Mozillian working on @Boot2Gecko, Author of @pouchdb, generally obsessed with web + open source geekery.

Spoken at 6 events in 6 countries

Spoke at 6 past events

  1. Apache CouchDB Conf

    Canada Canada, Vancouver

    13th November 2013

    Dale Harvey spoke

  2. CouchDB Conf Berlin

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    25th27th January 2013

    Dale Harvey spoke

  3. All Your Base Conference

    England England, Oxford

    23rd November 2012

    Dale Harvey spoke

  4. Lisbon JavaScript 2012

    Portugal Portugal, Lisbon

    28th29th September 2012

    Dale Harvey spoke

  5. Erlang Factory Lite Edinburgh

    Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh

    28th August 2011

    Dale Harvey spoke

  6. Android Only Malmö

    Sweden Sweden, Malmo

    13th14th June 2011

    Dale Harvey spoke

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