Dale Lane

Developer for IBM working on Watson. Also a mobile and gadget geek, father of two small girls and a youth charity trustee.

Eastleigh in England

Spoken at 37 events in 9 countries

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Ruth Hennell

media, internet, youth + refugees issues. I blog, couchsurf, write + create. In Bristol, just returned from International Peoples College, Denmark. bio from Twitter


Geek. bio from Twitter


The Institution of Engineering and Technology. Europe's largest group of professional engineers and technicians. bio from Twitter


Computer science lecturer, computer vision researcher, women in computing activist, deputy chair BCSWomen, cyclist, Aberystwyth-dweller... bio from Twitter


IBM Fellow, VP and CTO, Watson Solutions, IBM bio from Twitter


Internet of Things Conference Denver March 3nd, 4rd 2015. IoT, web, industrial and hardware hackers. code, beacon-powered pub crawl, net connected hog roast bio from Twitter

Laura Dixon

Head of Computer Science, CAS Master Teacher, Chair of @casinclude, ex web-dev and crazy cat lady.

jessie frazelle

blah blah blah tupperware... linux bio from Twitter

Phil Bagge

Primary Teacher, IT manager, ICT AST, Planning and teaching Computer Science in local Junior Schools, swimmer, wargammer, kayaker & very happy Dad bio from Twitter

Paul Smith

An autonomous anarcho syndicalist collective of the Borg. I am 3 of several... bio from Twitter

Michael Ludden

Technical Marketing Manager bio from Twitter

Yasemin Allsop

ICT Coordinator@Wilbury Primary,MA ICT in Education. PhD student at Goldmsiths.Interested in children's thinking when making digital games. CAS master teacher. bio from Twitter

ben byford

Web designer, Artist, MA in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship @ Goldsmiths, http://itsNiceOnline.com, digital designer for Virgin, CEO of startup @eulergy bio from Twitter

Lorna Mitchell

Web development consultant and open source project lead. Technical and/or inspirational speaker, as the occasion requires

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Sarah Drasner

Award-winning speaker. Consultant. Writer @Real_CSS_Tricks. Cofounder, https://webanimationworkshops.com/ , formerly @trulia (Zillow). http://codepen.io/sdras/

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YGLF 2017

Israel Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo

30th31st October 2017

Jason Baldridge

Associate Professor, Computational Linguistics, UT Austin. OpenNLP developer. Scala, Java, R, and Python programmer. bio from Twitter

Clare Sutcliffe

@CodeClub co-founder. Ex Nutella addict. bio from Twitter

Sachin Ghai

passionate about technology and all things creative... [opinions in individual capacity - RT does not equal endorsement] bio from Twitter

Christopher Manning

Find out what I'm up to at @stanfordnlp. bio from Twitter

Andreas Mueller

Center for Data Science at NYU, working on open source and open science. Machine learner, python geek and scikit-learn enthusiast. bio from Twitter