dana allen-greil

Digital education at National Gallery of Art; Museum studies prof. at Johns Hopkins University. Formerly Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

District of Columbia in United States

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Multitouch hardware and software. We focus on exhibit design, multitouch, new HCI technology for museums and nonprofits, and socially responsible companies. bio from Twitter

Gretchen Jennings

Worked in education and in museums for many years. Interested in all things museum. Edit Exhibitionist museum journal for NAME. Blog at Museum Commons. bio from Twitter

Robert Costello

National Outreach Program Manager at Smithsonian Institution bio from LinkedIn

Heather B. Armstrong

Mommyblogger, tyrant, snugglebunny bio from Twitter

Vladimir Anichkin

Digital ​Strategist​ + Research & Insights bio from LinkedIn

Linda Norris

Work in and around museums, travel, think, talk, have fun. bio from Twitter

John Gordy

Web Manager for the National Gallery of Art in DC. All views expressed here are my own bio from Twitter

D.H. Unicorn

I am the Digital Humanities Unicorn! I am the voice of reason, mediating Very Important Museum Discussions between curators, artists, hackers and other folk! bio from Twitter

Solimar Salas

Webmaster at Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico bio from LinkedIn

The Getty

Art, research, conservation, and philanthropy in Los Angeles and around the world. bio from Twitter

Anna Chiaretta

Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli is a video installation artist and video producer in California. bio from Twitter

Mairin Kerr

Seeking Opportunities in Museum Education, Digital Interpretation, Events & Project Management bio from LinkedIn

Sheila A. Brennan

Associate Director of Public Projects at Center for History and New Media bio from LinkedIn

Doron B.A

Director of Technology @newmuseum. INSERT 'self aggrandizing blurb' [HERE]. Tweets are my own. http://instagram.com/doronwiz


Digital Editor for Smithsonian.com, Oscars critic at goldengrouches.com, Nationals fan, and provider of great #longreads. All views expressed are my own. bio from Twitter

Jesse Heinzen

Multimedia Director at Minnesota Historical Society bio from LinkedIn

Judy Coombes

Into museums, collections, arts, education and environment - work at making collections meaningful @phmuseum. bio from Twitter

katie moffat

Digital comms & social media specialist (I know...I know). Experienced trainer. Writer for @netmag & others. bio from Twitter