Darius Kumana

Occasional trouble-maker. Disruptive Innovator. Strong (but weakly held) opinions on User-Experience, Agile Transformation, Coaching and Leadership.

Despite leading IT and Digital Strategy within a global insurance group, Darius Kumana is not your typical technical leader. Darius's ... See full bio

London in England

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  1. Insurance Technology 2014

    England England, London

    20th November 2014

    Darius Kumana spoke

  2. UXCamp Vienna 2014

    Austria Austria, Vienna

    16th May 2014

    Darius Kumana spoke

  3. UX Cambridge 2012

    England England, Cambridge

    29th30th November 2012

    Darius Kumana spoke

  4. Customer Experience Management for Banking & Financial Services

    England England, London

    18th20th September 2012

    Darius Kumana spoke

  5. UX Bristol 2012

    England England, Bristol

    20th July 2012

    Darius Kumana spoke

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