David Ryan

Techcomms startup cofounder with a love of UX and Content Strategy.

David Ryan is an alumni of Red Hat's open source technical communications team, well known for advocating the use of ... See full bio

Brisbane in Australia

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  1. OSCON 2015 in Amsterdam

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    26th28th October 2015

    David Ryan attended

  2. Write the Docs Europe

    Czech Republic Czech Republic, Prague

    31st August to 1st September 2015

    David Ryan attended

  3. linux.conf.au 2015

    New Zealand New Zealand, Auckland

    12th16th January 2015

    David Ryan spoke

  4. Slush 2014

    Finland Finland, Helsinki

    18th19th November 2014

    David Ryan attended

  5. Web Summit 2014

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    4th6th November 2014

    David Ryan attended

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