David Ryan

Techcomms startup cofounder with a love of UX and Content Strategy.

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David Ryan is an alumni of Red Hat's open source technical communications team, well known for advocating the use of startup methodologies within corporate product development cycles.

In 2011 he and a small team became infamous for founding an internal techcomms startup that equally disrupted and reimagined the entire publishing workflow of the world's first billion dollar open source software company. In 2015 he left Red Hat to continue this research, cofounding a techcomms startup called Corilla, a beautiful publishing tool for technical writers that solves the problem of collaboratively authoring and managing software documentation in the cloud.

Outside of Red Hat, David is active in the startup community, founding Australian startup community media and research group Tech Tidal, and previously cofounding Metaset, a media project created as part of The Walkley Foundation and Google's "Innovation in Journalism" grants.

A former data and business analyst, David is a UX and content strategy obsessive, crossing the chasm from an engineering to a creative and front-end focus due to a belief that "open source has won for developers, but effective design and usability is the key for future consumer adoption at scale". When not sketching, typing or prototyping, David can be found with the Corilla team split between bases in Paris, France and sunny Brisbane, Australia.


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