Dave Methvin

President of the jQuery Foundation. Web Developer.

Dave Methvin is President of the jQuery Foundation, a team member on jQuery's core library, and an independent consultant focused ... See full bio

Columbia in United States

Spoken at 14 events in 7 countries

Dave Methvin recently attended

  1. jQuery Conf Berlin

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    8th9th December 2015

    Dave Methvin spoke

  2. Web Unleashed 2015

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    16th17th September 2015

    Dave Methvin spoke

  3. jQuery Conference India 2015

    India India, Bangalore

    22nd25th July 2015

    Dave Methvin spoke

  4. infoShare 2015

    Poland Poland, Gdansk

    11th12th June 2015

    Dave Methvin spoke

  5. jQuery UK 2015

    England England, Oxford

    6th March 2015

    Dave Methvin spoke

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