David Bruant

A bridge between machines and people, but mostly between people. Bridging in French, JavaScript and English

Spoken at 6 events in 4 countries

David Bruant recently attended

  1. BDX.IO 2015

    France France, Bordeaux

    16th October 2015

    David Bruant spoke

  2. Sud Web 2014

    France France, Toulouse

    16th17th May 2014

    David Bruant spoke

  3. dotJS 2013

    France France, Paris

    2nd December 2013

    David Bruant spoke

  4. Mozilla Festival 2013

    England England, London

    25th27th October 2013

    David Bruant attended

  5. MDN Doc Sprint

    United States United States, San Francisco

    1st June 2013

    David Bruant was involved

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