Baeli Dimitri

CTO at LesFurets.com, co-organize Lean Kanban France, and launched Agile Tour Rouen

Dimitri is CTO at LesFurets.com, speaker about Kanban, DevOps and organizer of Lean Kanban France and Agile part of Codeurs ... See full bio

Rouen in France

Spoken at 11 events in 3 countries

Baeli Dimitri recently attended

  1. Agile France 2017

    France France, Paris

    15th16th June 2017

    Baeli Dimitri spoke

  2. 6th international Lean IT Summit

    France France, Paris

    13th15th March 2017

    Baeli Dimitri spoke

  3. Lean Kanban France 2016

    France France, Paris

    29th30th November 2016

    Baeli Dimitri was involved spoke

  4. Codeurs en Seine

    France France, Rouen

    24th26th November 2016

    Baeli Dimitri was involved

  5. BGL Technology Conference

    England England, Shoreditch

    3rd4th March 2016

    Baeli Dimitri was involved Senior Manager Software Engineering @LesFurets.com spoke

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