deb schultz

technology changes: humans don't

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Gary Shainberg

Passionate about family, friends, technology and Innovation bio from Twitter

Kevin Shockey

Volunteer, Author, Founder. Currently writing about Financing Freedom. More @_ff12, @GuaguaPublica & @MisTribus! bio from Twitter

Tristan Harris

Design thinker, entrepreneur, philosopher/ethicist at Google. Previously: CEO @Apture (acquired by Google). Opinions expressed are my own.

Rebecca Blood

Writer, speaker, blogging pioneer (Rebecca's Pocket), author (The Weblog Handbook), Goth babe of the week. bio from Twitter

Sarah Allen

SF entrepreneur, co-founder Mightyverse, consulting and teaching at Blazing Cloud, changing the world with RailsBridge and SFRuby workshops bio from Twitter

jessamyn west

Rural librarian geek. Collector of mosses. bio from Twitter

Elisa Camahort

BlogHer. Vegan. Macolyte. bio from Twitter

Jenifer Hanen

Creator.Maker : mobile+web : design+dev : photos+text bio from Twitter

Shireen Mitchell

Founder, Speaker, Social Strategist, and Diversity Analyst

Doug MacMillan

Technology reporter for Bloomberg/Businessweek bio from Twitter

barb dybwad

head of content at Tecca.com; digital nomad; music lover; gamer; citizen of the internetz. bio from Twitter

Christopher Mims

Science and technology correspondent for forthcoming international biz pub Quartz / qz.com. Formerly: BBC, Tech Review, Scientific American, Wired bio from Twitter

Leanne Pittsford

I make shit happen. Founder of @startwithus & @officehopping On @startout Board. Crazy Passionate about #StartUps #Tech #Women #LGBT #Travel #Food #SoCent bio from Twitter

Robert Rose

Helping marketers be storytellers | Chief Strategist @ CMI | Author Managing Content Marketing | Analyst @ Digital Clarity Group | Speaker | Troublemaker bio from Twitter

Steve Katz

Serial entrepreneur, passionate about architecture / design. Hails from Brooklyn, NY. bio from Twitter

Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute, CCO Magazine, Content Marketing World in #Cleveland 9/5-8, 2017!

Ann Handley

Head of Content here at ‘Profs. People seem to like my writing: http://www.contentrulesbook.com http://www.annhandley.com bio from Twitter

Sarah Schacht

Transparency, civic engagement design. Open legislative information & technology advisor. Surfer. Author. Writing a book on #opengov.