Deepak Sharma

Programme Delivery Lead / Agile Coach / Enterprise Architect

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Jonathan Smart

Head of Development Services & Agility Lead, Barclays Group bio from LinkedIn

Özlem Yüce

Owner, Change agent and Transformation coach at Agile At Heart Ltd bio from LinkedIn

Darren Wilmshurst

Director & Head of Consulting at RADTAC bio from LinkedIn

Julien Mazloum

Consulting Director at OutSofting bio from LinkedIn

Arun Glendinning

UK Business Development Director at CashStar - Seeking new opportunities bio from LinkedIn

Matt Turner

ITSM & Lean Kanban Consultant @hapus.net bio from LinkedIn

Kriti Sharma

VP, Data Strategy bio from LinkedIn

Dan Mitchell

Front End Developer bio from LinkedIn

Scott Lancaster

Microsoft Stack Recruitment Consultant at Myles Roberts bio from LinkedIn

Yuanyuan Liu

Senior Manager, Quantitative Analytics at AIG bio from LinkedIn

Dr Jan Hendrik Witte

Director, Quantitative Research bio from LinkedIn

Bart Baesens

professor at K.U.Leuven bio from LinkedIn

Jason Jones

Agility Coaching, Transformation & Delivery bio from LinkedIn

Ian Carroll

Currently introducing Kanban and Agile to organisations across the UK. Free insight on my blog: http://iancarroll.com | SAFe | Scrum | Lean | DSDM | Portfolio bio from Twitter

Neil Casey

Talent Acquisition at ThoughtWorks (Hiring: Agile | Ruby | Scala | DevOps | QA | C# | Java | BA | PM bio from LinkedIn

Craig Cockburn

Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Committee member BCS Agile Group, Non Exec Director

Robert Lasch

Team Lead at Barclays bio from LinkedIn

Elad Sofer

Geek turned Agile coach. bio from LinkedIn

Adrian Kingwell

Managing Director, Mezzo Marketing Ltd bio from LinkedIn

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