Dawn Wright

Chief Scientist of Esri, affiliated Oregon State University GIS/oceans professor, cyclist, ocean mapper, geek, Lego maniac

Dawn Wright (http://dusk.geo.orst.edu/) was appointed Chief Scientist of Esri in October 2011 after 17 years as a professor of geography ... See full bio

Redlands in United States

Spoken at 51 events in 7 countries

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Jed Sundwall

President of @MeasuredVoice, where we help organizations use the Internet in ways that make sense. Clients include @USAgov, @PayPal, and @WorldBank.

Jorge Cham

The PHD Comics Procrastweenation (?) Feed. bio from Twitter

Lynn Moorman

Geospatial Education research; Faculty member teaching geography and general education; Geoliteracy advocate as board member of Canadian Geographic Education bio from Twitter

Alistair Maclenan

Marketing, communications and promotion for all things geospatial. Yes, we're very busy and we'd love to get busier working for you.. bio from Twitter

Jon Foley

Planetary Ecologist. Wonder Junky. Exec. Director, California Academy of Sciences (@calacademy). Our mission: Explore, Explain & Sustain Life on Earth. bio from Twitter

Joshua Northcott

Manager, Web Development Department at Esri. Co-Founder @Room316Studios and @discussingdevelopment. Frequent Speaker.


Making the impossible possible. We create large-scale, incentivized prize competitions that generate breakthrough innovations for the benefit of humanity. bio from Twitter

Aaron Steele

I like solving problems. I dabble in endurance running. My wife runs faster than I do. My kid is better than anyone else's kid. I like coffee. A lot. bio from Twitter

Karen James

Biologist, aspiring explorer, evolution booster, atheist (I don't bite), feminist (promise), alpine pilgrim. “The mind is a chaos of delight.—Charles Darwin bio from Twitter


Your official source for news, updates and tips from Twitter, Inc. bio from Twitter


Research journal from BGI & BMC publishing articles using/generating large datasets. Journal linked to GigaDB.org data hosting/analysis repository. bio from Twitter

Rainer Sternfeld

CEO @Planet_OS, the Industrial IoT Platform for sensor networks in the ocean, land, air and space. Father, husband, libertarian. Technology, data & humanities. bio from Twitter

Alexandra Witze

Contributing editor, Science News. Author, with Jeff Kanipe, of upcoming book on the world-changing 1783 eruption of the Icelandic volcano Laki. bio from Twitter

Frank Garofalo

User Experience and Interactive Strategy

The LEGO Group

Latest news and updates from the LEGO Group tweeted by Jan from the Corporate Communications team. bio from Twitter

David Gallo

Explorer, Oceanographer, Expedition Leader to Titanic, Director of Special Projects at Woods Hole Oceanographic bio from Twitter

Serge Rey

code: PySAL, STARS; gig: ASU School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning; diversion: cycling bio from Twitter