Saager Mhatre

Lazy Hacker

Pune in India

Spoken at 10 events in 1 country

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Ausmarton Fernandes

Technical Lead @ PTC and an Agile Consultant

Sahil Muthoo

Developer, ThoughtWorks Studios

Nikhil Vallishayee

loves life. keeps trying to tweak it. sleeps a lot. talks when bored. and does this entrepreneur-ey blah. bio from Twitter

Nikhil Lanjewar

Core Team Member at @Jombaydotcom. GraphDb professional. Living consumer internet product startups since 2008.


geet at large. make things work (well), hater of crufty code, firefighter, chikki eater

Anand Agrawal

Agile, Application developer, Mobile app developer, founder of www.IdeaBoardz.com, www.LordOfPredictions.com, traveller, Thoughtworker

Hubert Klein Ikkink

Love to develop applications with Groovy, Grails (and Java) bio from Twitter

Evan Light

Atheist, Buddhist, meditator | founder of @ruby_dcamp | works for @heroku | connoisseur of animated gifs | All stupidity here is 100% mine bio from Twitter

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Astrophysicist, American Museum of Natural History. Author: The Pluto Files, Death By Black Hole. Host: StarTalk Radio http://StarTalkRadio.net bio from Twitter

Carlos Villela

a 12-year-old with ADHD and Tourette's trapped in the body of a tech lead for ThoughtWorks Brazil. bio from Twitter

Andy Yates

collaboration / e2.0 / socbiz @thoughtworks bio from Twitter

Tejas Dinkar

Ugh. Something about Ruby. Non-entrepreneur. Not a lot of other things. I work at @nilenso Software (which was formerly C42 Engineering) bio from Twitter

Birinder Singh

Consulting via ThoughtWorks | Business Analyst | Project Manager | 'Yes, will try' man

Ranjib Dey

बुरी नज़र वाले , तेरा मूह काला bio from Twitter

Ajey Gore

developer, family person, married to @shraddhagore, get-it-working being curious, get-it-right being ocd, nomad techie

bradford cross

design and data @prismatic bio from Twitter

Jay Fields

Software Engineer.

Sidu Ponnappa

Hacker. CEO of C42 Engineering, the boutique Ruby consultancy behind rubymonk.com. In past lives I worked at ThoughtWorks and co-founded inactiv.com.