Paul Duncan

Web Developer. English Softball Player. Punk and Ukulele Musician. Ex-Panda Keeper.

London in England

Spoken at 2 events in 1 country

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Léonie Watson

Accessibility engineer, W3C Web Platform WG co-chair, writer and speaker, screen reader user, tequila drinker and crime fiction junkie. bio from Twitter

Seren D

Girly geek. Dyslexic. Icon Font slayer. Trainee Developer @incuna Nail art blogger- http://ninjanails.com All opinions are my own :) bio from Twitter

Zell Liew

Freelance Frontend Web Developer / Designer from Singapore. Loves to geek out on the web bio from Twitter

Brad Frost

I am a web designer, speaker, writer, consultant, musician, and artist in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. Married to the lovely @minifrost and @ziggyfrost is my dog. bio from Twitter

Thomas Fuchs

Currently hacking on charmhq.com & letsfreckle.com and open source projects zeptojs.com & microjs.com. All-around JavaScript Guru. bio from Twitter

Monica Dinculescu

✨Emojineer✨ on @polymer & @googlechrome. Looks like she will bite; usually doesn't. Unless you're pizza.

MDN Web Docs

The official MDN account. We deliver the best web docs around (with your help!). bio from Twitter

Nick Beese

Senior Visual Designer at the BBC | Chairman & Founder of Fulham DFC | Founder of Deaf Parents Deaf Children | Proud #deaflympian bio from Twitter

Sarah Parmenter

Web Designer. Speaker. Virgo. Perfectionist. Owner of You Know Who, established 2002. Personal Blog: http://www.sazzy.co.uk bio from Twitter

Vitaly Friedman

Author, speaker, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers.

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Eric A. Meyer

Web standards | (X)HTML | CSS | microformats | community | writing | speaking | signing man.

Markus Seyfferth

Smashing Magazine

Caroline Lucas

MP for Brighton Pavilion; Leader of the Green Party; Mum bio from Twitter

Bess Bell Kalb

I write for magazines and the internet and my grandmothers. bio from Twitter

Sara Soueidan 🐦

Freelance front-end Web developer & speaker. CSS, SVG, UI/X, a11y, JS. Always learning. net Developer of the Year 2015. Available for hire. bio from Twitter

Steve Faulkner

[Crazy HTML Standards Bueraucrat] Accessibility by any means necessary... bio from Twitter

Heydon Pickering

Radicalized CSS coder, WAI-ARIA convert and font hacker (http://heydonworks.com/article/font-hacking). @smashingmag expert panelist. Atheist. bio from Twitter

Scott Mills

I'm a DJ bloke on BBC Radio 1. These views are my own, not of the BBC bio from Twitter

Virgin Media

Billy, Kyle and Michael here between 8am and 6pm today. bio from Twitter

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