Dave Olsen

web dev @ west virginia university. i develop & speak about mobile solutions.

Spoken at 23 events in 2 countries

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Una Kravets

Front End Developer @IBMDesign

Jesse Beach

humans[106108332519] = [Front end coder, JS nut, CSS alchemist, INTP, erstwhile linguist, transcending it all] bio from Twitter

Aaron Ladage

UI Engineer @DEGdigital. Diehard Cyclone, BBQ snob and bad beer brewer. Iowa kid, KC adult. Creator of http://inputtypes.com and Yeo+Lab. bio from Twitter

Dave Cliffe

My family (wife, 3 kids) embraces DevOps principles (Product Sherpa @ PagerDuty)

Laura Frank

ruby, rails, docker, beer. bio from Twitter

Matt Braun

Senior Designer at Bearded, Co-founder of Wood Type Revival, and avid letterpress printer. bio from Twitter

HighEdWeb Association

Advancing Web professionals, technologies & standards in higher education.

Drew McLellan

Lead developer on Perch CMS and publisher of @24ways. Occasional music and conference photographer. Relearning how to ride a bike.

Paul Lewis

Googler who noodles with code and design. I help people fix performance, UX and UI issues. Views (barely) my own. bio from Twitter


Senior Editor & Editorial Coordinator at @SmashingMag ...Let's talk! ツ bio from Twitter

Jonathon Colman

Product UX + Content Strategy at Facebook, Keynote Speaker

Pon Kattera

Interaction Design & Digital Strategy. An Aussie at R/GA NYC. Likes: responsive web design, indie music, wandering the world, lurking the internet. bio from Twitter

Dave Tyler

Web & social media guy for The College at @Brockport. Publisher of Link magazine. Dad. Music & beer dork. Notre Dame Grad. Recovering Journalist. #GoIrish bio from Twitter


America’s foremost digital strategist named after a great lake. Data opener. @techladymafia founder. Neil Armstrong needlepoint owner. bio from Twitter


Since 2002, php[architect] is a brand creating magazines, books, conferences and training dedicated exclusively to the world of PHP. bio from Twitter

Chris Hartjes

Grumpy web developer and tester, @gtaphp organizer, running @truenorthphp, just waiting for people to START WRITING TESTS bio from Twitter

Lívia Labate

On sabbatical learning about plants and food. Also, parenting @tinyLIpsum and adoring @apousson. bio from Twitter


More Secrets, Stories and Surprises from PostSecret. bio from Twitter

Lara Hogan

Engineering Director @ Etsy