Donato Mangialardo

Business of Software Product Coach and Director of Marketing at Tekpea Inc.

Italian Agile days 2013 Better Software 2013 Codemotion Roma 2013 Universita di Genova, Ingegneria del Software, 2012, 2013 XPUG GE ... See full bio

Genoa in Italy

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  1. Mini Italian Agile Day Genova 2014

    Italy Italy, Genoa

    17th May 2014

    Donato Mangialardo spoke

  2. Italian Agile Days 2013

    Italy Italy, Reggio nell'Emilia

    29th30th November 2013

    Donato Mangialardo spoke

  3. Better Software 2013

    Italy Italy, Florence

    11th12th November 2013

    Donato Mangialardo spoke

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