Don Wibier

Technical Evangelist @ DevExpress

At the age of 15, Don built a ticketing and reservation system in Clipper for his father's cinema. He and ... See full bio

Rotterdam in Netherlands

Spoken at 14 events in 4 countries

Don Wibier recently attended

  1. BASTA! Jubiläumskonferenz 2017

    Germany Germany, Mainz

    25th29th September 2017

    Don Wibier spoke

  2. BASTA! Spring 2017

    Germany Germany, Frankfurt

    20th24th February 2017

    Don Wibier spoke

  3. .NET DeveloperDays 2016

    Poland Poland, Warsaw

    19th21st October 2016

    Don Wibier spoke

  4. BASTA! 2016

    Germany Germany, Mainz

    19th23rd September 2016

    Don Wibier spoke

  5. DWX Developer Week 2016

    Germany Germany, Nuremberg

    20th23rd June 2016

    Don Wibier spoke

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