Claudia Doppioslash

Mind Contortionist and Bit Enchantress- Game Developer - Purescript - Elm - Lisp - C# - Shaders - Unity3d - http://www.doppioslash.com

Claudia Doppioslash is a Functional Programmer and a gamedev. Having learned many languages, she ended up preferring strongly typed functional ... See full bio

Liverpool in England

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  1. Erlang User Conference 2016

    Sweden Sweden, Stockholm

    8th9th September 2016

    Claudia Doppioslash spoke

  2. Joy of Coding 2016

    Netherlands Netherlands, Rotterdam

    17th June 2016

    Claudia Doppioslash spoke

  3. ProgSCon London 2016

    England England, London

    22nd April 2016

    Claudia Doppioslash spoke

  4. Unity With The Best

    26th March 2016

    Claudia Doppioslash spoke

  5. Lambda Days 2016

    Poland Poland, Krakow

    18th19th February 2016

    Claudia Doppioslash spoke

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