Dov Tsal

A free-roaming Agile Coach, Scrum Master & Fun Sheriff for hire.

( 2013-present ) # Penny game on acid A hectic game simulating the industrializing of a simple process (based on ... See full bio

Paris in France

Spoken at 10 events in 4 countries

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  1. Agile France 2016

    France France, Paris

    16th17th June 2016

    Dov Tsal was involved spoke

    Simply the best Agile conf. I know!

  2. Agile Tour Sophia Antipolis

    France France, Sophia Antipolis

    1st December 2015

    Dov Tsal spoke

  3. AgileTour Clermont-Ferrand

    France France, Clermont-Ferrand

    19th November 2015

    Dov Tsal spoke

  4. Agile France 2015

    France France, Paris

    18th19th June 2015

    Dov Tsal attended

  5. ScrumDay 2015

    France France, Paris

    2nd3rd April 2015

    Dov Tsal attended

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