Jan Jongboom

Developer Evangelist IoT @ ARM

Hi, I like speaking about Internet of Things and everything related to it; I also have about ten years of ... See full bio

Amsterdam in Netherlands

Spoken at 39 events in 14 countries

Jan Jongboom recently attended

  1. AMSxTech Conference 2017

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    31st March 2017

    Jan Jongboom spoke

  2. JSConf.Asia 2016

    Singapore Singapore

    25th26th November 2016

    Jan Jongboom spoke

  3. Google I/O

    United States United States, Mountain View

    18th20th May 2016

    Jan Jongboom attended

  4. CodeFest 2016

    Russia Russia, Novosibirsk

    26th27th March 2016

    Jan Jongboom spoke

  5. SXSW Interactive 2016

    United States United States, Austin

    11th15th March 2016

    Jan Jongboom spoke

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