Drew McLellan

Lead developer on Perch CMS and publisher of @24ways. Occasional music and conference photographer. Relearning how to ride a bike.

Drew McLellan is a director at edgeofmyseat.com and lead developer for small content management system Perch. Prior to this, he ... See full bio

City of Bristol in England

Spoken at 33 events in 8 countries

Spoke at 3 past events in Canada

Currently only showing events in Canada   See all

  1. ConFoo Montreal 2017

    Canada Canada, Montreal

    8th10th March 2017

    Drew McLellan spoke

  2. ConFoo Vancouver 2016

    Canada Canada, Vancouver

    5th7th December 2016

    Drew McLellan spoke

  3. ConFoo 2015

    Canada Canada, Montreal

    18th20th February 2015

    Drew McLellan spoke

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