Drew McLellan

Lead developer on Perch CMS and publisher of @24ways. Occasional music and conference photographer. Relearning how to ride a bike.

Drew McLellan is a director at edgeofmyseat.com and lead developer for small content management system Perch. Prior to this, he ... See full bio

City of Bristol in England

Spoken at 33 events in 8 countries

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Alan Shreve

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. http://inconshreveable.com bio from Twitter


I've got two legs from my hips to the ground and when I move em they walk around, when I lift em they climb the stairs and when I shave em they ain't got hairs. bio from Twitter

Adam Lisagor

Proprietor of sandwichvideo.com, youlooknicetoday.com, and adamlisagor.com. So many websites! bio from Twitter

Merlin Mann

This was a valued rug. bio from Twitter

Jason Permenter

Designer at @muledesign. Former volcanologist. Married to @rascouet, who is completely hot. bio from Twitter

Erika Hall

Co-founder of Mule Design. Chug enthusiast. Author of Just Enough Research. You should get it. bio from Twitter

Dave Mark

Mac dev author and foodie... bio from Twitter

Mike Monteiro

I speak about design, how do get good design done, responsibility and confidence.

Ben Brignell

Maker. Doer. Creative Director @importio #paper #ux #code. Designer, illustrator, blogger, guitarist, Casio VL-1ist, ukuleleist & INTP.My onions are my own.

Scott Simpson

Shame is sexy bio from Twitter

Paul Ford

(1974– ) Writer, editor, programmer. Contact ford@ftrain.com if you spot a typo. bio from Twitter

Geoff Barnes

The time that used to separate us has been obliterated. Stop. bio from Twitter


Loves the interweb. bio from Twitter


Half Seoul. All Brother. Part of the AmericanDrink.net crew. bio from Twitter

Greg Knauss

I blogged before rafeco. bio from Twitter

EMF 2012

Electromagnetic Field: A UK hacker camp in 2012. More news soon. bio from Twitter


I love web development (C#, .NET, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML), am currently a Program Manager at Microsoft. All opinions and views are my own. bio from Twitter


Author, technologist, bookbinder. bio from Twitter


I make games with weird inputs. Programmer/Game Dev. Developer advocate @samsunginternet, Organizing -@NonBinaryTech. ace - genderfluid - he/him