Nicola Paolucci

Ex-Atlassian. Public speaker & writer. Investor & advisor. Meta-modeller. Pathologically overenthusiastic. Slightly unhinged. Trying to be present,here and now.

Spoken at 25 events in 13 countries

Nicola Paolucci recently attended

  1. Atlassian Summit 2016

    United States United States, San Jose

    10th13th October 2016

    Nicola Paolucci spoke

  2. AtlasCamp 2016

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    23rd25th May 2016

    Nicola Paolucci was involved Developer Instigator, Atlassian

  3. Codemotion Amsterdam 2016

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    11th12th May 2016

    Nicola Paolucci spoke

  4. jDays 2016

    Sweden Sweden, Gothenburg

    8th10th March 2016

    Nicola Paolucci spoke

  5. GOTO Berlin 2015

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    2nd4th December 2015

    Nicola Paolucci spoke

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